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  • ISIC: What & Who?
  • UNESCO World Heritage
  • #Studentsforabetterworld
  • Cross-Border Friendship
  • Critical Thinking
  • Exclusive Academic Community
  • Student Privileges
  • Connecting Students

ISIC: What & Who?: The international student community ISIC was founded in 1953, originating under the Norwegian, Danish and Dutch student umbrella, with support from major rail and air travel companies (cfr. SATA air tickets and BIGE rail tickets). ISIC is a country-based organization. In Belgium, ISIC is co-managed by GUIDO and CARTE JEUNES WALLONIE-BRUXELLES.


Google chooses ABLO as best app of 2019, which was already confirmed by the ISIC Community

Tech multinational Google has announced its annual awards for best apps and games of the year. The award [...]

Microforce refurbished phones, tablets and computers

Hi student, Thanks in advance for your interest in refurbishment. Thanks to your cooperation, we can [...]

In the pipeline - More benefits

Did you know that Belgian ISIC members will get access to even more international online benefits starting [...]